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Pink Gradient


I'm Zoe, a lingerie designer who possesses all-rounded skills from design to technical, including fitting, patterning, grading, and sewing. I am a curious and fast learner which enables me to master a wide range of knowledge and aspects of the industry within just a few years. Especially developing wide size range products from Missy to Curvy sizes.


My passion and my abilities enable me to see the lingerie industry from a whole new lens that differs from the traditional insiders. I see all the mechanisms that construct a bra like no others, and because of that I wish to optimise the flaws from the traditional system and create new solutions with my knowledge as well as a technician.

There are many unknown from the industry, with the new technologies, machine and production system storming the outside world. Therefore, with my diverse skill set and passionate attitude towards learning and design, I'm wishing to join a company with the same visions, so that I would apply my knowledge to create products that not only fit for modern aesthetic but also improve women's life as well as breast health issues.


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