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My Journey

My passion and my vision that made me who I am.

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Sail Onwards

To The Uncharted Territory

In real life, no one would tell what is right; what is wrong.

The world has no guidelines.

There are very few things schools & books can teach; there is very limited work experience you could earn;

and the path that is guided by predecessors is finite.

But we are facing a different world, fighting a different war.

At some point, I learned that I have to sail onwards on my own.

A Blue Ocean

When I was only a designer,

people tended to tell me- "It is impossible."

When I became a technician,

I learned what made impossible possible.

Now, I see a whole new world without lines;

I see a blue ocean with no limit. 

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I try, I learn, I become proficient
I create

I am a curious person.

Whenever I come across something new, I feel inclined to try it out. Once I have learned it, I strive to become more proficient, and as I become more proficient, I seek to explore more new possibilities.

Plants, Butterflies, Ceramics, Painting, Cooking, Stones, Origami, Embroidery, Philosophy, Perfumes, Waterworks, Interior design, Knitting, Paper cutting, Faience...

As the time goes, I reckon this is who I was, I am, and I will be until the day I'm buried.  

I am not afraid of new challenges, I rise to the occasion.

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